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USA Cable TV Network’s quirky mystery program “Monk” will begin a whole new season on Friday, July 13. Adrian Monk, the “Obsessive-Compulsive Detective” will be starting it’s sixth season of detail oriented detective work.

Monk is the quirky, straight laced, super serious detective. Monk’s multiple phobias adds humor to the series. His phobias include germs, needles, snakes, milk, heights, crowds, death, lightning, elevators and mushrooms.

Is spite of Monk’s foibles, and sometimes because of them, Monk always gets his his man or woman. This mystery series is full of good humor, clues and housekeeping tips.

Excellent actors support obsessive compulsive detective Adrian Monk in his quest to find the truth. Following are the characters that inhabit Monk’s crime solving world. This is a good to binge on while you are trying to win the prize money on UFABET168.

Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shaloub. At one time Monk was a rising star in the San Francisco Police Department. His unique way of thinking and unconventional methods solved some of the most baffling cases that the department was presented with. After his wife was murdered, Monk was devastated and became plagued by phobias. He fears germs, heights, crowds, milk and dirt. His phobias lost him his job with the police department, when he couldn’t function and interact with fellow detectives.

With the help of an assistant Monk set up as a private consultant. He gets involved in the tough police cases and solves crimes with his high intelligence and unconventional approach. Monk is in therapy, and hopes to one day regain his position on the police force

Natalie Teeger, played by Traylor Howard. Natalie is Adrian Monk’s ever patient personal assistant. Monk’s sidekick is a mother, , widow and former bartender. She comes from a wealthy family, but works for Monk for the low wages he can afford. As Monk’s assistant, Natalie seems like a mother, sister and therapist as she encourages him to solve cases brilliantly.

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, played by Ted Levine. Monk’s former boss, who was forced to let Monk go from the police force when Monk’s obsessive compulsive disorder started to interfere with his ability to investigate and to interact with fellow officers. Even though Monk is no longer on the force, Stottlemeyer often calls on him to solve the tough cases. Stottlemeyer is a highly decorated detective and is smart enough to know that Monk is the best detective around. That doesn’t stop him from being driven crazy by Monk’s quirks.

Lieutenant Randall Disher, played by Jason Gray-Stanford: “Boy Friday” to Captain Stottlemeyer is often a buffoon sometimes a lovable buffoon. He makes up for his dim wittedness by bolstering the ego of his boss. Randy is jealous Monk’s superior intelligence and detecting ability.

Julie Teeger, played by Emmy Clarke. Julie is the 11 year old daughter of Monk’s assistant Natalie. Julie has a certain fondness for her mom’s odd boss.

Dr. Charles Kroger, played by Stanley Kamel: Monk’s therapist who listens to Monk’s many fears and phobias. the Dr. plays a large role in keeping Monk going.
Sharona Fleming, played by Bitty Schram. Monk’s former assistant, nurse, baby-sitter and “Girl Friday”. Sharona left Monk to re-marry her ex-husband and move to New Jersey.

“Monk” solves crimes in his own style, making deductions from details that most everyone else misses. In the meantime, the audience get plenty of chances to laugh out loud at his quirks and the reactions of the people around him.

If you haven’t tuned into “Monk” I suggest that you give it a try. Monk airs on the USA Cable Television Network on Friday nights at 9 pm.

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