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The Nook and Cranny of Search Engine Optimization


What is and the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Starting from the mid-1990s when the websites were first optimized by content providers till now, Search engine Optimization has been a major tool in getting your website a better ranking than other competitors. This has been a better way to get a high ranking and make your website visible in various search engines ranging from the popular ones like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to many other ones not quite popular. It is usually represented most times with a three letter acronym “SEO”.

Knowing fully well that the more visitors your websites get the more customer you might eventually have, Content providers have always been endued with the task of inserting certain words and phrases into their contents using various tools and skills to make this possible, it is now obvious why the use of SEO has been a major turnaround for web owner.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

SEO has varying types and approach and ultimately the effect of such on the websites. There are two types of SEO depending on the color, however the color is just a means of identification and the varying property is in the techniques and the effectiveness. The two types are;

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

From the name, you can put one and one together to have two, this type of SEO makes use of certain methods and techniques to get the better of search engines and have a good ranking. From white meaning purity, White Hat SEO does not deviate from the search engine guidelines (most of the times Google guidelines). It has a very high wholesomeness level and there are several types of techniques used in constructing White hat SEO, they include;

  • Development of high quality content
  • Website Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) optimization and reconstruction
  • Acquiring links using campaigns which are supported by the high quality content developed and manual outreach and search

White Hat SEO is a steady and gradual technique, but in the long-run it has lasting growths which other types of SEO might not be able to attain.

Black Hat SEO

Unlike the White Hat SEO, it looks for means to exploit the loopholes and the weaknesses observed in the algorithms of various search engines to get their ranking. Due to the foul usage, it runs afoul of search engine and doesn’t follow the guidelines of search engines (mainly Google), and it has a very low wholesomeness level. Even though it is generally accepted, it has various techniques with which it gets around these weaknesses and those techniques include;

  • Exploiting Link Spam
  • Keyboard stuffing
  • Keyboard cloaking
  • Use of hidden links and hidden texts

The reason for the use of Black Hat SEO might be due to rapid growth in rankings that it offers, it however doesn’t last long and sometimes it is unpredictable.

Simple and Free SEO Tools to Improve your marketing

Having learnt the various types of Search Engine Optimization there is, you would be surprised at the rate at which this could be done with, many a times a good tool is what makes the difference in getting your work done. Here is a list of certain tools that are useful and will make you work faster and smarter. To have extra marketing funds for this strategy, you might want to look into playing some fun sports betting games via

  1. Google Page Speed Insights

This tool comes in handy and it allows you to check the speed and how useable your site is on various devices, it tests the time it takes to load and the performance of your website for both desktop and mobile devices. It either pats you on the back or get you to work again, this is a very useful tool irrespective of the feedback given.

  1. Moz Local Listing Score

This is used in checking what your local business looks like online, it gathers data from over 10 different sources, and it grades your brick and mortar business on what it looks like online.

  1. io

Keyword generator some call it and others Keyword assistor. With the use of this tool, you are provided with a vast number of long-tail keywords opportunities and it also arranges them alphabetically for easy search.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

If you really want to have a good review of your site, these two are the best website analytics you will ever find, giving constant errors reports and alerts. With these two tools you have a taste of what the most popular search engines have to say about your site.

  1. Browseo

This tool comes in very handful, giving your human eyes those of a spider enabling you to have a look at your website the way it is seen using search engines. With Browseo, some elements you have given hierarchy to without even noticing or knowing are revealed and you can then sort things out the way you want them.

  1. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

This tool comes in quite handy too although it has free and paid version but with full knowledge of what its free version can do for you, you might consider getting the paid version. Searchmetrics shows you the ranking of your website on both social and search alongside which it delivers you a preview of the top terms. It is a perfect performance dashboard for the rankings of search and social.

WhatYou Need To Be Aware of About SEO

There are several elements that are considered when making use of Search Engine Optimization, however 3 of such elements are referred to as the Pillars of SEO today and they are

  • Contents
  • Links
  • Social Media

The best SEO practice there is today is to have authentic and high- quality contents, with these you will earn original links from sites that are authoritative and can be trusted. And with emphasis on these three pillars, it will be difficult to focus on just having original contents, the unification of these three pillars could prove to be more useful than focusing on individual elements.

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