Maintaining and Caring for Cordless Drills

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As important as cordless drills are for builders and home users, it is also important to maintain and care for the drill at the same time. Many users of cordless drills fail to maintain the drill; some users maintain the drill but not in the right way. If you are the type that doesn’t know how to maintain your drill, I assure you that you really need the information below;

Lubricating the drill: when we talk about lubricating a drill, it simply means greasing the moving parts of the drill to avoid too much friction; there are some important parts of the drill that should be lubricated, an example of such part is the chuck, a part of the drill that houses the drill. While lubricating a drill, the following precautions should be taken into consideration;

  • Good lubricating oil should be poured with care on the chuck, also make sure that the chuck is not closed because that is where the drill bits will enter. Make sure the lubricating oil that is leaking away from the chuck is cleaned with so much care.
  • After pouring the lubricating oil and cleaning the excess with care, make sure you loosen the chuck more than two times and tighten it the same number of time you loosened it so that the lubricating oil will circulate throughout the whole chuck.
  • It is not only the inside of the chuck that should be lubricated, as important as it is to lubricate the inner part of the chuck, it is also very important to lubricate the outer part of the chuck but there is a great difference between the steps that are used to lubricate the inner part of the chuck and the steps taken to lubricate the outer part of the chuck. I will not juxtapose lubricating the inner and outer part of a chuck but I will talk about how to lubricate the outer part of the chuck which is to rub the oil on the outer part of the chuck with a handkerchief, rag or any mild object. This will enable the lubricating oil to be circulated throughout the chuck and the hand grip.
  • There are some modern-day cordless drills that their chucks are keyed and cannot be opened which will not allow the inner part of the chuck to be lubricated but this doesn’t mean that it won’t be lubricated. The simple way to go about lubricating it is to apply the lubricating oil on the keys of the chuck with a mild object which can be handkerchief, foam, rag etcetera.

Cleaning the cordless drill: the work of a drill is to penetrate objects like wood, walls etcetera. It is expected of the drill to be stained with dust after penetrating objects like wood, walls and so on. After this, it is advisable to clean the drill by blowing away the dust particles in it by using air compressor or air duster because if it’s not cleaned, the dust particles will hang around somewhere in the engine of the drill, which can hereby cause overheating in the engine which may lead to the engine burning out.

Make sure your cordless drill is in a dry place: it is a must to keep the drill in a dry condition as the engines are metal. When you place the drill in a wet place, the water vapor can evaporate into the drill herby making the engines rust and destroying the cordless drill. It is hereby advised to keep the drill in a dry place; you can keep a drill in a box, dry cabinet, or any other dry place that the drill will be safe.

A suitable temperature for the cordless drill: the drill is greatly affected by too much heat because heat causes damage to the battery and some other parts. If the temperature is too low, meaning the weather is too cold, some parts of the drill will freeze and the engines can burn out. To avoid these problems, the drill should be kept in the best temperature which is the normal room temperature   (72F/22C) or at worst it should be kept at the 32 degrees and 12 degrees.

Never place the cordless drill on the floor: this complements making sure the drill is clean.  Drills are used in places where dirt can be easily located, for example when a drill is used on a grass and is dropped on the floor, the grass particles can easily find their way into the drill and cause damage to the engine of the drill. If the drill is used in a dusty place and it is placed on the floor, dust particles can also enter the drill and destroy the engines so it is advisable to never keep your drill on the floor.

Make sure the bits are sharp: when a machine is to be used normally, a check should be made on it, this applies to usage if the cordless drill. When you want to use a cordless drill for work, it is very important to check if the bits are sharp because when the bits are not sharp, it will increase the workload of the drill and it can lead to overheating of the engines which can definitely make the engines of the cordless drill burnout or wear out. Also while selecting the bits you want to use for a particular job, make sure the bits are appropriate for the work you want to use it for. For example, when you want to work on a concrete wall and you use wooden bits, it will definitely cause a problem for the engines because it is will be difficult for wooden bits to penetrate concrete wall because of the rigidity of the concrete.

How to make sure the drill bit is safe: the drill bit should be in the right order, it should be sharp so that it will not get jammed into the surface that is being drilled which can lead to breaking of the bit and can injure the user of the drill.

Taking care of the cordless drill after each use is very important for its longevity. Visit website for more information of this. To have the funds for upkeep and miscellaneous expenses, you might want to consider playing แทงบอล online.

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