Celebrities – Virgos – Sporting Their Confident Innocent Grins!

Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart looking at the camera

When you think of a Virgo, think of someone who has decided to look at the world differently than the rest of us. They are Virgins, and that pretty well says it all. When a Virgo criticizes, they do it with love and a fresh outlook that they generate along with the commentary. There is an inherent goodness that they carry which does not allow them to see themselves as critics or fault finders. It’s as if you have to grab their binoculars and see what they see before you can understand who they are. It is also known that virgos are very strategic that they do very well playing แทงบอลออนไลน์ online.

Cameron Diaz, Dr. Phil, Michael Jackson

There is a grin, a “not been at this too long” smile that Virgos broadcast as a part of their being. You know, that wide angle happy look that Cameron Diaz has. She has her way of shooting mirth at every passing eye ball. Then pause and take a minute to gaze at Dr. Phil’s grand look of self contentment. It’s like they are shining their particular way of looking at the world and giving you a hint at how they see and what they see. It was Michael Jackson, the ultimate Virgo, who lived on his own planet who made everyone feel like there was indeed a particular elf that lived inside him that allowed him to create his own special world.

Joseph Kennedy – The Dad

Joseph Kennedy, the wealthy father, made his own rules and his own standards so that he could be free to build a world of wealth. He came to know the world of finance and invented ways of dealing that were not widely known or understood.

After the depression was in full gear, and the establishment was looking for a way of reforming the way securities were handled, they knocked on Joseph’s door to ask him to create the rules for the Securities and Exchange Commission. The rationale was simple. He was the expert on using the system; they would ask him to fashion rules, procedures, systems and policies that would prevent others from doing what he did.

Hugh Grant and Sean Connery

These two gents, of Virgoan origin both possess the properness and politeness that is bound in them. Sean’s gentility and Hugh Grant’s classic reserved but smiling manner both bespeak the standards of Virgo’s politeness. They express their British point of view in a particularly well mannered way.

Richard Gere and Jimmy Fallon

Both of these New Yorkers have a pleasing merry quality that allows them to blithely move from mood to mood and role to role with a twinkle and a merry self possession that speaks of Virgo’s inner self-satisfaction. A Virgo is not proud, they are more self-satisfied. In their minds, they are situated right where they should be. They are not vainly describing a position that inaccurately portrays where they are; they are sure of their stance.

Mike Huckabee

Mike’s way of seeing the world is very conservative and it embodies a kind of virginal way of capturing his points of view. When I say “virginal”, I am not saying “narrow and awkwardly innocent”; I am saying that his genuineness is deep and real. A Virgo does not tend to be slapped together in a pot pourri of attitudes and ideas. What they see, they see as utterly consistent. They come through to the outer world, as fully packaged and real.

Careful of the Tummy and the Excess Worry.

If you are a Virgo, you can generally be happy. The one thing they tend to cook over is excessive intestinal worry. Let your tummy calm down. Don’t let everything ring your bell. There is every reason to practice a little Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation and Breathing exercises. Virgo, remember, your world is like it is, not because you have worried it all through, but because you tend to be straightforward and real. Give yourself some relief, and continue that wonderful way you love others and see the world. Stop being the critic of yourself and others. It is just excessive concern which manifests in a mechanical way and spills into the fretful conduits of emotional ill health.

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