Protecting yourself as a truck driver using a dashboard camera

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Important notes to truck owners and drivers

  • Being a truck driver can prove to be a nightmare and frustrating especially when it comes to maneuvering those huge vehicles. More often, a truck driver will find themself at the receiving end whenever there is an accident or any other form of road recklessness and they happened to be at the area within the occurrence of the accident. This is attributed to their large in size vehicles that are not believed to behave on the roads unless proven otherwise and this is where dash cameras come in. Proving innocence in accident scenarios for most truck drivers can prove to be futile especially when there is no evidence to prove their innocence.
  • Just because of the mere fact that trucks are huge in size, there is possibility of police or any other party using that fact to shift the blame on a truck driver. Most truck owners have since then invested in dash cams to help them come clean whenever they find themselves defending their drivers who are being accused of accidents that they are not responsible for. Besides, having a dash cam to defend you in case of accidents your driver is being accused of causing can save you a lot of time which would have been lost trying other means of exonerating your driver from the messy affair of police investigation.
  • For any business transits that involve trucks and movement of cargo from one place to another, it is advisable to invest in a dash camera for surveillance purposes which is likely to make transits safer. Dash cams come in various models and some advanced ones can read a number plate of another car from a distance. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend in a quality dash cam for quality services. With some of them recording through the truck’s windshield, they have a feature of writing off older files to create more space whenever the storage is full.
  • Other high-end cameras come with a GPS feature that helps determine the exact location of the track, the date and time as well as the speed at which the truck is travelling at. Another advanced feature is cloud connectivity whereby a dash cam can be linked up with a phone or any other device over the internet. According to this feature, all the information being recorded on the dash cam can be reflected on the phone. That means a truck owner can use that feature to track down their driver to see what they are up to whenever they are on the roads.

The most important function of a dash cam however remains to being able to provide records of moments before and after an accident which can be of help when bringing the offenders to book and having them pay for their misconduct. There is no hit and run incidents when it comes to dash cams because they are a credible source of information and as long as offenders are captured on the act they will be prosecuted despite of where they have ran to. It is always your word against the other driver when it comes to proving your innocence. That just shows how important a dash cam is important when it comes to clearing the prosecution and insurance claims atmosphere. To help pay for the installation and miscellaneous expenses, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via


How legal is it to use a dash cam

We all want to know how legal using a certain device can be and what can be termed illegal while using the same device. This is because despite laid down instructional manuals that loudly instruct on how to use a certain device, some people will always look out for other fraudulent ways other than the intended one, to use the device for their own good.First and foremost, it is important to note that dash cams legality depends on your locality and the existing laws within your area.

A dash cam is therefore legal if to use provided you do not engage it while driving. It is also legal if it is mounted correctly to serve the sole purpose or front or rear road recording without obscuring the view of the road.

Using dash cam for any other reason apart from the intended one can get you in the wrong side of the law. We can all agree that some people are fond of posting anything online that calls for attention. It is therefore no doubt that someone would risk posting dashcams recordings online to seek attention not knowing that they could get sued for the same. In as much as you are at liberty to show the recorded video footages to the police or insurers to clear any misinformation, it is not okay to post the same videos online. The recorded vehicles owners may come out guns blazing for unnecessary exposure that they did not call for.

It is therefore important to consider the legality factor if you ever decide to get a dash cam, and understand if there is any implications on the matter whatsoever.

Truck Dash board camera prices

Although one source of information may be different compared to others in terms of dash cam prices, it is important to note that their prices depend on their level of manufacturing and specifications. They also come in different sizes and models which mean that even the prices vary. There are cheaper versions that obviously will not guarantee you good video quality and the fact that they will not last long but that does not rule out the fact that you cannot get reliable cheap dash camera because the truth of the matter is that there are manufacturers who put good work even in cheap devices. Some other cameras are costly but they guarantee you the best video quality that will not have you guessing a certain license plate number. It is therefore up to you to get to decide what type and of which cost best suits your video recording needs.

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