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A brief compendium of cinema history

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The arrival of cinema to humanity generated an immediate impact impossible to deny. In that 1895 year of humanity changed completely without intentions to be the same again. Thanks to today we know a totally different universe, with all kinds of alternatives when talking about stories and best of all, with appropriate material for each one of us.

It is always good to know the origin of things. Nothing is part of our life without a reason to be and film is no exception. If we go into its beginnings, naturally we will go directly to the aforementioned date. But no, you could say that this comes even before. Already for the seventeenth century a few curious had tried to project their images through a flashlight that saw them look much wider.

After that, the process was facilitated quickly with the appearance of the photograph. This was the key event that gave way to everything else but in a much more formal way. Another of the antecedents for these first steps was the creation of the kinetoscope by the well-known Edison, to whom the bulb did not have enough to him. With this interesting discovery he was able to obtain images and sounds recorded at the same time. These are fun to watch after some action packed sports betting games via บาคาร่าได้เงินจริง UFABETบาคาร่าที่คนเล่นเยอะที่สุดไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์.

Pro was not until December 28, 1895, resuming the initial idea, when the history of cinema really begins. At this point the cinematographer was already available and it was when the important event was held at the Salon indien du Grand Café in Paris.

It was this day when the real inventors of the cinema, the Lumière brothers exhibited their invention in public with a brief projection of a train arriving at a station. The data records that in that first broadcast only thirty-three people attended, but soon this began to increase.

Before this important event, everything that had been done with the cinema was activities and discoveries to which little attention had been paid. They were simple discoveries generated by men who had no idea that their small contributions would result in such an important invention.

Now, the cinema has changed a lot since that memorable date. It has acquired new features that make it an extremely interesting artistic and cultural expression for all. Yesmovies is one of those web spaces where you can enjoy a movie through a sample of modern options.

Do you know everything about the seventh art?

When the characteristics of this interesting human work were determined, it was totally visible that it was directly linked to the artistic regime of the time. It was from there when he acquired this particular and nice pseudonym.

Its most important characteristics

The seventh art has well-defined properties that make it much more than the most outstanding artistic expression today. Understanding these properties is the best way to understand that this activity is much more than that and that’s what yesmovies wants from you. The cinema is simply one of the most effective and striking mass media of all. Now, what stands out in it is:

  • Art: As well mentioned above, the cinema is considered one of the greatest examples of art in the world. In fact, at this moment, it is the artistic bifurcation where more material is made available to the public. Is it time to say goodbye to the old paintings and sculptures to give full passage to what the cinema transmits?
  • Media: through a film, writers, producers, the franchise and any other manager is proposing a message. Most movies leave us some kind of teaching; it is the most important thing.
  • Script: of course, beyond the actors and the team it is necessary that there is a plot that mobilizes or is the common thread of the whole recording. This part is in charge of writers who develop from what happens in each scene, the dialogues that the actors must attach and the actions they must perform during each scene.
  • Fantasy: most of the films have something of fantasy since it is usually not based on real stories. For this the script is developed, and according to this the genre to which the film belongs will depend. There are few cases where in the cinema a 100% real story is transmitted without any type of alteration, even when they are mentioned previously it is based on real events.
  • Evolution: As well mentioned above, cinema has its history and journey during the development of humanity. It has changed according to the context in which it is developed since the messages transmitted are not the same. That, in conjunction with advances in technology generate that the cinema is one of the inventions of humanity with an interesting historical journey.
  • Gender: following the rules established by that saying that “for tastes there are colors”, in the cinema the same thing happens. Drama, action, horror, science fiction, romance, history, musicals, thriller and even documentaries and bibliographic material is available among all the material produced since its inception.
  • Technology: without a doubt one of its biggest properties. In the world there are specific franchises that denote the path of technology in our life as well as film. Not only is it noticeable in the stories, but also in its production from the black and white celluloid films to sequences developed almost entirely with a computer are the consequences.
  • Industry: really the cinema is an industry? Well in effect meets its characteristics. New content is generated that is marketed within a huge group of people and there is great commercial competition in the world in this sense. From the largest film producers they manage to stay afloat forever.
  • Culturization: the cinema is capable of having a direct influence on people. The way in which language, clothing and information is handled can change positively and in some negative cases, the course of humanity. That is the importance of finding suitable material for each one of us.

Yesmovies concludes that movies have impacted on our life without leaving space to think much about it. The cinema has a giant power by making other people get historical information, of interest or for entertainment purposes only. Whatever the reason, the way cinema is made alters humanity course.

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