With competitive rates the Thor kitchen gas ranges have components made from China, Europe and America. As the Thor gas ranges popularity are well known, the article brings in the thor kitchen reviews.

Overall benefits of Thor gas ranges

  • Good efficiency – The heating power of the Thor gas ranges are pretty good. This is mainly because of their size and structure. The heat generated for the fuel burnt is much efficient and also hotter than the tubular broilers.
  • Fast – Every Thor gas range comes with a convection fan. This helps to spread the hot air evenly which increases the heating, hence cooking the food evenly on all sides and also reducing the cooking time. The convection heating also helps to improve energy efficiency by reducing the fuel consumption
  • Versatile – There are certain dishes that require slow cooking to give a delicious taste. Especially the meat dishes are to be cooked in slow flame for the flesh to cook completely absorbing the spices. This is possible only when the food is cooked in slow flame. The Thor gas range distributes the heat evenly even when the flame is simmered and has ultra simmering settings
  • Ergonomic – the design is highly attractive and gives a modern and trendy look to the kitchen. They have a blue porcelain finish with halogen lights.

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30”

  • It has 4 burners and 3 racks on the oven
  • The thor kitchen review says that it is much applicable for domestic use.
  • 2 burners work at 12, 000 BTU, One burner works at 15, 000 BTU and the other works at 18, 000 BTU
  • The Electric broiler below the burner works at 3500 watts. The oven heating element at the top consumes 850 watts and at the base uses 3, 000 watts. This says that care should be taken while placing the trays in the oven. The heavy and high cooking time trays should be placed at the bottom and the light cooking trays should be placed at the top.
  • It works on both natural gas and LPG.
  • The total weight of the gas range is 278 lbs
  • The lights, convection fan and the cooling fans work at 120V while the heating unit works at 240V. One might need the help of an electrician to the connection properly.

Thor Kitchen HRG4804U

  • It is a 48 inch dual fuel range gas range with 6 burners and 2 ovens
  • It has black porcelain drip pan on the top. The interior is also made of black porcelain making it opaque to dirt
  • The drip pans are dishwasher safe. The cooking grates are made of cast iron
  • The convection fan used to spread the heat is 30 inches long
  • The gas range is CSA certified and has 2 years of warranty
  • The griddles are controlled thermostatically
  • Apart from this, it also has 3 halogen interior lights.
  • The specification of the burners are as follows
    • Front and rear left – 18, 000 BTU
    • Front center – 15, 000 BTU
    • Rear center – 12, 000 BTU
    • Front right – 18, 000 BTU
    • Rear right – 15, 000 BTU
  • There are 2 ovens, The baking power of the ovens are 850 watts and 3, 000 watts respectively.
  • The electrical specification of the fans and the lights are the same as the HRG3080U 30”


  • It is best suited for professional users
  • There are 6 burners, an electric oven with a stainless steel finish
  • The drip pan is made of black porcelain. The metallic knobs are enriched with surrounding lights
  • It also has an LED temperature display
  • The specification of the burners are as follows:
    • 2 burners – 15, 000 BTU
    • 2 burners – 18, 000 BTU
    • 2 burners – 16, 500 BTU
    • The burners provide good simmering effects helping to keep the dishes warm. The large burners also provide large heat that makes heating water to boil in seconds
  • The electric heating broiler element works at 350 watts.
  • There are two oven heating elements working at 850 watts (at the top) and 3, 000 watts (base)
  • It has a blue porcelain finish with 2 halogen lights in the interior
  • The oven rake have a telescopic view
  • It works at 240 volts, 60 Hz and 30 A
  • It is well suited for professional uses
  • The back burners light up slowly as compared to the rear burners. There is a time delay of 2 to 3 seconds for the rear burners to light up as compared to the front burners
  • When the stove is heated suddenly or cooled suddenly, in other words when the bigger burners are heated or cooled suddenly, the stove makes mild popping noises. However, in order to achieve high temperatures, though the stoves are sealed, it is impossible to change their flames without mild noises. The noise comes from the burning flame and not from the appliances

Thor Kitchen HRG3617U

  • It is 36 inches long
  • The knobs are highly accurate in fixing the flames
  • The temperature control by the griddle is also highly accurate.
  • The features are same as every other gas range
  • The only difference is that it has a work table between the burners. This is highly helpful in keeping the ladles.
  • There are 4 burners
  • The front door of the oven is made of double pane glass. The finger impressions can be removed only with the help of a cloth rub. apart from this, the gas range has a good finish on its ergonomic side
  • It can be used for both domestic and professional purposes.