Crushes are normal to develop and everyone experience this throughout their lives. When it comes to gift your crush at his or her birthday, most people get confused and it becomes a tough thing to decide what to gift. When a crush is concerned, the main thing why you are afraid to select a gift is that you fear you might gift something that would put her off and would end your friendship. Further, you do not want to gift something that would express your exact feelings and things could turn bad. It is therefore very difficult to decide what to gift your crush.

  • Don’t you want to keep your friendship intact?
    The basic problem with crushes is that, gifting a wrong thing might make things bad and instead of moving forward, you might up ending the basic relationship as well. When you don’t know the feelings of other person exactly, you cannot be sure what to do and same would apply in selection of gifts. Gift should be something that is not against the feelings of relationship of friendship. This article would give you an insight on how to select a gift for your crush, StoneFoot can help you in this regard.
  • Burning a CD of Customized songs for her:
    It is a very good idea, when you are a close friend of hers, you must know her selection of songs. This is a good way to express your care and closeness by burning a cd or by putting her favorite songs in a flash drive. She would definitely like that and would never forget this gift. This gift would cost you lesser than your expectations.
  • Ever thought to gift a spa basket?
    This is a gift that is neither considered too romantic nor is it just for friends. It is a very good gift for someone for whom you have developed emotional feelings. A combination of scented oils, bath soaps and some pretty candles is something that is loved by all girls. It is something that she would love and would use as well. If you want to reduce her stress from routine work, this gift can be considered best.
  • Some random ideas!
    There are so many things that can be selected as a gift for your crush but some of the random stuff is mentioned in this para. You can give her a friendship band that she might keep forever. This is a good way to express your feelings to some extent. Her reaction can give you an idea about her feelings. A customized mug, key chain or towel are also good considerations in this aspect. Of you girl is fond of stationary, which most girls are, you can give her a basket full of stationary items. These colorful items would definitely be loved by her! Girls usually have an artistic touch and that is why colorful paints and stuff like that is a very good gift option.
  • Books-The ultimate best gift a one can get
    Books are considered to be the best gifts. Books can be gifted without any discrimination of gender or cast. This is the thing that is considered good by recipient in any case. If you are not sure about her choices of reading, then you can gift her a card to bookstore with a membership. She can take books of her choice. If you know her choice, then nothing is going to be any better than this.
  • Food-Girls love that:
    Does your girl love food? Yes she must. Every one of us loves food. When we get a basket full of stuff like crackers, cheese, cake, chips, chocolates and nuts, we appreciate it. This is a very good way to express your friendship and care. She would definitely appreciated this gift unless it is not decorated well. To decorate it in the best way, you can consult StoneFoot.

Gifting items to your crush must not be very expensive, otherwise she might get confused on whether to accept the gift or not and she might get a feeling of your inner intentions. If you want to keep it simple, the best way is to gift simple items and above mentioned items are all simple yet classy. If your girl loves to collect a particular thing, you can help her collect that and this would be loved too much. In such a situation, price of gifts does not matter. All that matters is the care and effort you put in creating or bringing the gift. Creating a collage of photos you guys had together, is also a nice idea.

  • Photo collage ideas:
    There is so much that you can do with this idea and the best part in this gift is that you need not to spend a lot of money in this present. If you guys had some pictures together, select the best ones. If you do not have such pictures, you can select her solo pictures. Cut them in different random shapes and paste them randomly on a piece of paper. Then you can apply a lot of effects to make it look prettier. This is the best gift when emotional gifts are concerned and is always loved by the recipient. It remains memorable for a longer period of time as compared to any other gift.