Nothing in this world compares to the feeling of relaxation gotten when you stuff the tobacco in the bowl, light it up and puff. The nice scent of the burnt tobacco takes you into a different world. But one needs to know the right way to do it. Or shall we say it is a man art?

The love for pipe smoking has been a never ending saga for men. It was popularised further by all kinds of detective and thriller movies. A man with a pipe was depicted as someone with class and sophistication. But it evolved with time and now we have a ton of varieties to choose from. If you want to start your own smoking shop or just want to add some new things to upgrade the collection, you need to understand the market before looking for wholesale smoking pipes.

But before we delve in more, there’s a brief explanation for the dummies about smoking pipes.

So let’s start with the most difficult part which is hard to guess. A smoking pipe is a device used for smoking. Yeah too confusing right? Puns apart, a basic smoking pipe consists of a small bowl were the tobacco or the stuff is packed with the help of a pipe temper where it burns. The bowl is elongated into closed chamber almost like a tunnel where the smoke passes and the user inhales it.

All smoking devices have the same function. Then what makes them different?

Men are very particular about their smoking devices. The style of the smoking pipe reflects the personality of a smoker. Whether use a classic wooden pipe or glass pipe, it all matters to the blokes who smoke.

Different types of pipes available in the wholesale market

When looking for wholesale smoking pipes, always try to gets hands on as much variety as you can. Obviously you don’t want to spend too much on the high end pipes just when you are starting out your business. Glass pipes are easy to start with, as they come in an affordable range for the customers, no complicated set ups included and so they are all time high in demand. Let’s go through the different types of glass pipes available in wholesale smoking pipes.

  1. Spoon Pipes: It is a traditional style basic smoking pipe. It consists of a bowl, carb and a mouthpiece which makes it look like a spoon. It is most popular among all the wholesale smoking pipes.


  1. Sherlock pipes: Inspired from the Sherlock Holmes style. The S shaped scientific design avoids any accidental burns. They are also called hand pipes. Its classy yet fun look is best for house parties.
  2. Novelty pipes: These pipes make a theme. Intricate glasswork makes them stand out from the rest. They are beautifully crafted and turn out to be great presents and decorative piece.
  3. Chillums: It is small, simple, compact and in shape of a cigar which lets you take a quick puff when you need. Also called the one-hitters. Best for the times of travelling.
  4. Streamroller pipes: Similar to chillum but a bit larger in size to get greater hits. It has a bowl which may vary in size per model which helps you reload simultaneously.
  5. Bubblers: A hybrid device between bong and glass pipes. It has a bowl, a pipe and a water filtration feature.

Smoking accessories other than wholesale smoking pipes

  • Filters
  • Grinders
  • Lighters
  • Dabber tools

Things to remember

  • A good packaging and great customer service is what makes the difference. Decide on a cool creative packaging for your chillum or other glass pipes to make them attractive. And also make it practical as they are glass items which are prone to cracks and breakage.
  • If the customer complains about some defects, address it and inform it to the supplier so that they can make the improvements.
  • Most importantly, get legal permission to sell these items.

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