Sometimes the vinyl cutter machine might not give us the desired results. You might have something great in mind but the results are not as perfect as you thought. If you are experiencing that, you might simply be making a mistake with your cutter machine that you do not know yet. Sometimes a situation like this can be frustrating and it can lead to too much struggle when you are making your designs. There are things that might be causing you to be frustrated by not getting the end design correctly. It is not that the machine is not good, the mistake happens according to how we use our vinyl cutting machines. If you haven’t bought your machine yet, you need to click here to read the possible mistakes and how you can easily avoid them. Having a clue of these mistakes prior to buying of the machine will help you enjoy your machine from the first day that you buy your machine. Below are some of the mistakes and how to avoid them

Test Cuts

So many people skip the part of test cut. Test cuts are very important and they play a very big role in making sure that your cutting machine is in the right state. Many will just proceed to cut their material without testing. This might ruin your design especially if the settings were not right or if the machine is not in the right state. Jumping into cutting your material will also make you waste a lot of material apart from just getting a wrong design. As we all know, wastage of material means wastage of time as well as wastage of money. To make sure that you have the correct test, you can forge ahead to choose a shape that will be similar to the material you intend to use for your designs or your project. Click here to read more about test cuts.

Being extra vigilant

Taking your time to do some investigation is very important. If at all you suffered a failure in your previous cuts, you must take enough time to investigate what really happened. To many, this might seem like a waste of their precious time but believe me, investigating is always the right way to go. It is better to identify the problem and solve it than leaving it unattended to. Not taking your time to assess the situation might also mean that you are just making assumptions concerning that particular problem. A wrong cut is nothing to assume because the wrong cut might not be due to what you think was the cause. To have it clear and rectify, do a thorough investigation and perform as many test cuts as possible. This way, you will clearly know what the problem is and harmonize. During your investigation, you might identify the following possible problems:

  • When the vinyl cutting machine is exposed more than it is supposed to, the blade will automatically cause a tear. Also, this might occur if the material used is wet. When the material is not suitable for the vinyl cutting machine, tearing will also be the end result. Another mistake might be that you have been applying too much force than needed. After finding out that tearing is the case, you can look for best solutions to rectify that.
  • Partial cut. Partial cuts occur when the speed of the machine is too much. If the force was too low, a partial cut will also be the end result. There is also another possibility where the material might be very close to the blade or the blade was passed many times than needed on to the material.
  • Also, if the material was not cut at all, it might be a clear indicator that the blade was too high. Low application of force will also result in no cut.

Level of exposing your blade

All vinyl cutter machines blade need a certain level of exposure. Exposing the blade more than you should do not mean that you will have better results. In fact, you will be making a huge mistake of worsening the end results. It is always good to measure the thickness of your material first, after that, you will easily tell the size of the blade that you will be needing to expose for your project. Overexposing your blade will lead to cutting into the mat making your blade to be dull. Overexposing will also lead to tearing, cuts that are incomplete and corners that are not accurate. You can always click here to read and learn more.

Stability of the material

Sometimes we make the mistake of not making the intended material firm enough before making that cut. This is a common mistake that can easily be avoided by stabilizing the material. You can stabilize the material by providing backing to the side of the materials. This will help keep the materials intact. You might also need to press the material on a mat if the material is paper products. This will help to prevent them from falling and making wrong cuts. Before you start your work, always make sure that the material is stable.

Blade settings

Blade offset settings are a very important part of the machine settings. So many people do not really understand about blade offset settings. Sometimes when the cut is not correct, so many people would think that their blade of on offset settings. Blade offset is not usually what people think it is. It is usually the distance between the tip and the blade center. Therefore, it is very important if everyone understands what offset settings mean.

Other common mistakes that you can avoid when dealing with your machine include:

  • Not really studying the machine very well. You can learn about your machine by simply reading the manual of your machine
  • Not being careful as your machine operates. Make sure you watch it and be keen
  • Using substances that are flammable in your machine.
  • Stopping the vinyl machine manually. If you stop it in a manual way if it is still operating, you are simply making a mistake.