What is that one thing that runs into the veins of your bike’s engine, clutch and gear like the essential blood in our body? What is that one thing that distinguishes between a smooth ride and a bumpy one? If you know your bike well, you will agree it is the grease gun. The best grease guns can keep your engine working smoothly all the time. Moreover, the greasing guns come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So much so, that it can get confusing to know which grease gun to choose for one’s bike. If you are in such a dilemma, then read more to find out how you can get the best grease gun.

Why do you need a grease gun?

The very first question to ask even before you visit a shop to zero in on a grease gun is to understand why a grease gun is required. This is extremely important as different usages have different kinds of greasing gun. Your tasks and expected results will determine which lubricating oil or greasing gun to go for. Be very clear about the work pattern that you will have and how you want your bike to behave once the grease has been applied. The complexity of various parts of the bike will also determine which kind of greasing gun you employ.

A mini grease gun must be good enough for a DIY project at home. You can even try the wireless greasing guns that run on battery. Portability can be a huge asset for your and can get your work done faster than ever. You will have your projects getting completed well before time. A good blend of automated and manual grease guns can be of immense value. Large scale jobs will need grease guns of a larger size for sure.

Types of grease guns

The greasing guns can be of various types, though the most popular ones are as follows.

  • Grease guns having pistol grip
  • Air grease guns
  • Pump guns
  • Cordless grease guns
  • Lever action guns for greasing

Features in grease gun

Your greasing gun need not be a boring tool. You must know the various features that accompany the greasing guns these days. You will have to decide the kind of perks you want your greasing gun to offer. The greasing guns must have a high level of efficiency and advantages. The same brand can have greasing guns with different specifications and features. Check how much grease you will require per day. This will help you calculate how large the cylinder of the greasing gun must be. For a DIY project, you can have a greasing gun which has a small cartridge. But for large scale projects, you certainly need greasing guns that boast of high intake of lubricating oil.

Small nozzles which can reach difficult corners are preferred by the professional service providers. Moreover, extended reach is possible in many brands these days. Dispersion of grease under high pressure is a much sought-after feature. The pocket may feel a little pinch, but these features are worth the extra money you will pay for them. Get the brand of greasing gun that provides you the optimal mix of features along with cost advantage.

Performance of grease gun matters

Do take utmost care while checking the performance parameters of the greasing gun. The conventional guns may not carry so many features as the ones intended for commercial use. You must look into how fast the grease is getting loaded into the cartridge and how smoothly the greasing gun is getting loaded. Moreover, the accuracy of the gun is also very crucial. If your greasing gun does not load well on time, the very delicate jobs can turn into utter disappointment. The grease must get loaded into the gun like a gentle breeze blowing freely in the air.

Also make sure that the greasing gun does not stop suddenly in between. Any kind of interruption in the greasing process can wreak havoc and can be a huge loss of time and efforts. An unreliable greasing gun can also lead to interruption of commercial work, which can lead to monetary losses. Therefore, check the ratings of the machine and make sure that you don’t fall for the cheaper products that simply siphon off your money with little returns on investments. Performance is what will drive your business and tasks, and therefore, this cannot be compromised on at all.

How helpful are online reviews?

The online reviews can often be misleading. The websites of all the brands carry very good ratings, courtesy the social media team of each company that invests time into getting positive reviews from people in lieu of money. Not all companies are like that, but still you need to be cautious and take the reviews with a pinch of salt. Always go for the trusted reviews. This can help you take an informed decision and also influence your peers in the same or related business to flourish. If you want to know which the best brands in the market these days are, then read more.

The best brands in the market

The best brands for greasing guns in the market are few. We will have a look at a few of the brands and the products that they have.

  • Lumax has LX-1416 that is made out of stainless steel and is therefore, not prone to rust and is durable too. The grip is knurled and the needle is 18 gauges long.
  • LockNLube has a unique patented lock design, ensuing that the greasing gun stays switched on all the time you are using it. Safety lock helps to free both hands and wastage is reduced sharply.
  • Dewalt’s DCGG5703 has a hose assembly that is 42-inches long. The operating pressure is quite high at 10,000 psi and makes it good for hardened applications.
  • Valvoline has SynPower can provide you protection for all kinds of temperatures and moly fortification can help too.

Ending thoughts

The greasing guns can be a huge asset for your hobbies or commercial uses. Get the best quality greasing gun right away using our tutorial.