George Michael

It’s just George Michael and his father against the rest of the Bluth clan, or that’s how it seems. A fundamentally good kid, George Michael seems to have little idea of how to deal with the insanity that his life now contains. It doesn’t help that he thinks his immediate cousin is adorable and they live under the same roof. 

George Michael Bluth Quotes

Maeby: Hey, do you remember that French movie we tried to sneak into once. You know, Dangerous Cousins?

George Michael: No, why…did we? Wait, wait…I don’t… remember that, no…

The Narrator: George Michael remembered very well. In fact, he currently had a copy of the DVD hidden in his sock drawer.

George Michael: I mean kind of…why do you ask?

Maeby: Well, I’ve got passes to the American remake. It’s supposed to be great.

The Narrator: It wasn’t great and Maeby knew it. The studio at which she’d finagled a job had hoped to avoid controversy by artlessly explaining that the two leads were not biological cousins.

Flashback to Maeby in the screening room:

Maeby: Where is everybody?

Executive Producer: They’ve been fired and you’ve got to fix this, or you’re going to be fired, too. Cut it down if you have to.

Maeby: But it’s only 71 minutes long.

Flashforward to the present:

Maeby: And it’s only like 63 minutes long, so bring Ann!

George Michael: Oh, no, that’s not her kind of thing. I mean, if it maintains any of the complex eroticism of the French original…I like the way they think. 

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