Australia is the world’s largest island and the smallest continent. Having said that it is home to wide variety of wildlife. The land supports rainforests, coral reefs, beaches and deserts. Here are some of the best tourist spots in Australia

Great Ocean road : It is located in Victoria. The travel through the road is considered to be the most scenic drives in the world. The road connects Torquay and Allansford. The ride is spectacular for it has mountain one side and turquoise sea water on the other. It is a 243 km ride. One can also spot the limestone formations on the shore during the ride. Traveljournal reviews about the place say that the land here is rich in limestone. The sea water and rain water seep through these rocks creating the formations.

The following things should not be missed by tourists during their rides:

  1. Port Cambell National Park
  2. Otway National park
  3. Picturesque rain forest
  4. Hiking trails
  5. Waterfalls

Kakadu National park : It is the largest national park in Australia. There are more than 300 species of birds here. It also includes waterfalls, gorges, rivers and mangrove swamps. The park also includes saltwater crocodiles, dingoes and wallabies.

Blue mountains national park : It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. World heritage sites are the places on the earth with cultural, scientific and historic significance. They are facing damages due to human activities.

The park is a must to visit spot in Australia. It is at an hour’s drive from Sydney. What are the places to visit?

  1. Three sister – It is a sandstone rock formation. It is 900 meters high. The view from the rock is majestic. One can spot deep gorges and a variety of wildlife species from the top of the rock.
  2. One should also not miss the glass roofed Katoomba railway. It traverses through tunnels.

Fraser Island : The island can be reached by taking a ferry from Hervey Bay. Australia’s famous four-wheel adventures are available on this island. March is the best time to visit the island. This is mainly because the weather is pleasant in March. The island is diverse in its landform. It consists of lakes, creeks, sand dunes, sand cliffs, etc. Sand cliffs here are multi colored. Traveljournal and metallurgical experts explain that the color variation in the cliffs is mainly due to the difference in oxidation of the metals in the soil.

Uluru : It is the largest monolith in the world. It is also called Ayers Rock. Uluru is made of sandstone. Uluru means ‘shadowy place’. Never miss the sunset when you are here. This is because these sandstone rocks change colors during sunset. This is explained by the Traveljournal as refraction. The refractivity of the rocks is different at different times of day. During sunset red light is maximum and in the day it is blue. Therefore, the colors vary according to the light incident on it.

Heide museum : The museum has historical arts, modern arts and a heritage park. The museum is interesting even to people not into artistic liking. This is mainly because unlike any other museum in the world the museum is located in a farm.

Harbor bridge : Sydney Harbor bridge is a world-famous tourist attraction. It is 134 meters high. It is also the world largest steel arch bridge. To enjoy its beauty to the fullest, one has to visit the bridge at night. The bridge is also called coat hanger.

Opera house : It is located in Sydney. It is one of the distinctive building in the world. The building hosts more than 1,500 performances annually. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The concrete shells in the walls are in the form of spheres to enhance the sound of the performer. Traveljournal and magazines say that it has architectural patterns from different parts of the world. For instance, the roofs are designed in Swedish architecture. The walls were designed by a Danish architect. There are exhibit rooms, cinema halls, theatres and studios in the house.

Tasmania museum : The museum is accessible from Hobart. It is known for its unique collections of Aboriginal tribes. These tribes are indigenous people of Australia. They have lived in the continent for more than 50, 000 years.

Carlton Gardens : There are 2 buildings in the garden. They are Carlton buildings and royal exhibition building. They are included in the World heritage sites as well. The gardens have artistic fountains, ornamental lakes, flower gardens. This site depicts the Victorian – era.

Great Barrier Reef : The reef is world famous and is the largest in the world. It is rich in corals and supports the world’s largest marine life. The marine life is also diverse. There are more than 3,000 different types of corals. The coral formation is mainly because the region was volcanic in the past. The corals nested on the volcanic rocks creating reefs. The process had continuously happened for more than 50, 000 years. Only such continuous processes can give largest and huge reefs supporting diverse marine life.

One should certainly try scuba diving to enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear turquoise waters and the magnificent reefs.

Yarra valley – Ballooning : This ride is in the city of Melbourne. The ride traverses through the city above the clouds giving a stunning experience. The views from the balloon is breathtaking. It also flies through the largest wineries of the world.

Marine Park : The sea world marine park is the largest in the world. It is the most spectacular entertainment for kids. The park offers stunning performances by dolphins, water – ski ballet, sea lions. There are also water rides in the park.

Skiing : The snowy mountains of the Australia are the best places for skiing. Mt Kosciuszko is the ideal place for skiing. There are training centers to learn skiing.